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  • Sofia

    General Manager

    Sofia’s mission is to assure to take advantage of the wonderful recourses of Finca Élez and to guide all the team to transfer the excellent personality and character of our soils into our wines each vintage. She represents the Manzaneque Family since the last 20 years were she began side by side the project with her father.

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  • Bernardo

    Business Administration

    Bernardo has been for the last 15 years in the administration side of the business to ensure good communication internally as well as external with clients and suppliers. He is evolve in the accounting, invoicing, stock management, documents, cost analysis and communication…Always transfers the Manzaneque philosophy and team spirit.

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  • Verónica

    Spanish Sales

    Veronica has been the Spanish sales manager for the last 12 years. She travels all year around to work closely with the distributor to assure the quality objectives as well as the sales strategy. She organizes wines tastings and food and wine pairing together with other activities to explain the dynamic and innovative philosophy as well as our passion and love for the wine world.

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  • Javier

    Export Sales

    Javier follow up and develop the international business, export customer service, wine presentation as well as to speak about our exclusive Appellation Monopole Finca Élez…To all those responsibilities he travels worldwide in search for importers with the same family and business philosophy than our brand, where we share the same quality objectives. We share activities worldwide with importers, distributors, wine lovers, press to talk about our wines, the First Spanish Appellation Monopole, Finca Élez

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  • Juan


    Juan is responsible of the production strategy and quality control to ensure that our wines shown the best of the geographic, geological and weather uniquess of our Appellation Monopole Finca Élez. Juan belongs to a wine making family, he is in charge of the vineyard and winery to achieve the same personality in our wines since the beginning.

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  • Juan Pedro


    Juan Pedro has been in charge of the winery for 12 years where he oversees the raw materials, inventory, cleaning, bottling, racking, tasting…to obtain that our wines have the same personality year after year.

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  • Bartolo


    Bartolo has been with Finca Élez over 20 years where he has help to plant the vines in the beginning and he has been taking care of them to obtain the best fruit year after year. He does all the vineyard work from the harvest, pruning, taking care of all the machinery as well as the irrigation system does the right work when need it under very careful studies to obtain the best fruits.

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  • Paqui

    Château and wine tourism

    Paqui takes care of all the visitors, customer service, wine tasting, wine sales in the winery…

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  • Pedro

    Château and wine tourism

    Pedro guarantees that the winery and vineyards are well kept. He works side by side with all the team in the vineyards as well as in the winery. Also takes care of all the visitors, customer service, wine tasting, wine sales in the winery…