Family winery. Our wines are born from the love and the passion of all the family:

The Author: Manuel Manzaneque Diaz-Hellín, who has a university degree in Social and Sociological Sciences and a diploma of the Official School of Cinematography and Theatre. He started his artistic activity in the field of acting. He took part in seventeen films, in seven of them as the main charachter and won a PRIZE FOR CINEMATOGRAPHIC INTERPRETATION. He left the cinema in 1967 to found and direct his own theatre company called Tirso de Molina, with the firm intention to take good quality theatre and great actors to all parts of Spain, Europe and America. He has always been in love with the world of wine and took advantage of his trips to visit all those bodegas that he was near to. In 1979 he built a new theatre in Madrid, the Espronceda Theatre, with the intention that it should be a true centre of culture. Throughout the year it offers theatre for adults, young people and children, cycles of specialized cinema, permanent painting exhibitions, lectures and conferences. During twenty-four years of uninterrupted work, various awards have been granted to him, among them the NATIONAL THEATER PRIZE of Spain and the MEXICAN CRITICISM PRIZE. He was born in Campo de Criptana and his father took care of mules. He was a thresher himself. Already at the early age of seven, he wanted to return to its roots and demonstrate that in the area of the Quijote also the best broths could be elaborated.

The family, along with all the rest of the human resources, which have a high priority in Manzaneque, year after year have been trying to satisfy the most demanding palates, out of respect for the vineyard and the characteristics of the land. They have been looking for quality from the vine to the bottle.

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