D.O. Finca Élez

The geologicals and climatic characteristics conditions justify the suitability of the state, continental climate with typical seasonal distribution of rains, thermal integral with minimums in December-January and maxims in July-August. Suitable soils for the development of quality grapevines. And its more personal characteristic, an altitude of 1080 meters that give in the months of more heat, thermal difference of more than 20º between the day and the night, great responsible of the quality and peculiarity of the noble planted varieties.
The selection of our grapes, the cultural and production technologies, and the control of the yields, they have been selected in order to get the maximum biological balance of the vineyards. The winery for the production, upbringing and bottling of the wine locates in the own single vineyards finca Elez to an average distance of the vineyards of 200 meters.
This proximity avoids the suffering of the grape for effect of the movement. Equipped with the highest technology, accompanied with the human care more craftsmanship, it seeks every day to continue surprising with the broths, for the pleasure and enjoyment of the most demanding palates. With the public recognition and the specialized press, and demonstrated the repercussion of our wines on the national and international market. After fulfilling for ten years what demands this rigorous law, the first exclusive denomination is born for a single vineyard in Spain, D.O. Finca Elez (the name of our single vineyard); glaringly tied to the vineyards that give rise to all our wines, of recognized quality and qualitative special characteristics.