Vineyard & Winery

The Elez estate in magnificient property, situated near the village of El Bonillo (Spain). It is a well-Kept farming enterprise, sharped by its owner, Manuel Manzaneque, to draw from it the best quality wines, by strictly limiting the production volume of these that bear his name. Our winery is in the heart of the mountains of Sierra de Alcarz (in Albacete) at 1080 metres about sea level, in a microclimate singled out by steep temperature gradients between night and day. The estate is an authentic “domaine”, with some 85 acres of vineyards exclusively for the Manuel Manzaneque firm.

The Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Syrah, like oak casks, were brought over personally from Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rodano. This varieties as well as our native grape, Tempranillo, are processed as soon as they come in from the harvest, winepresses, fermentation tanks and bottling plant; and our loving touch since the vineyard to the bottle to obtain a different wine. A wine of “Author”. We are dealing with an area in which the special characteristics of the types of soil have been carefully analysed: loose, with sandy clay, containing limestone, firm components, marl and ochre clays, with a high potassium content.

The microclimate and the specific behaviour of the vines at the altitude at which they are planted here, favour that highly personal character of the wines. All this well doing has made us the first Denominations of Origin Exclusively to one winery and his own vineyard: D.O Finca Elez.